About Us

North West Sydney Multiple Birth Association (NWSMBA) is a voluntary run, not-for-profit community association that provides members with support from other member families around the issues relating to raising multiple birth children.

Our goals are to provide a means of communication for sharing information on the care and raising of multiple birth children and to provide regular social meetings and functions for our members.

NWSMBA is proudly affiliated with the Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA).

NWSMBA was formed in October 1972 by Mrs. Rona Blake. Originally named Carlingford Mothers of Twins Club, the name was soon altered to Carlingford Parents of Twins Club. A further name change occurred in July 1982 to Carlingford Multiple Birth Club, acknowledging that this was not a club solely for twin families. In November 1995 the name changed to North West Multiple Birth Association to more accurately reflect the geographical area covered by the Association. The most recent name change to North West Sydney Multiple Birth Association occurred in September 2006, to define the association’s geographical location at a national level.

ABN: 41 564 010 893