Breast Feeding Support

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Breastfeeding is challenging for any new parent, but with multiple babies the logistics can get complicated.

However, it's still possible to breastfeed multiples. As with single children, it may not always work out and many parents of multiples will mix feed (a combination of breast and bottle feeding).

Being a NWSMBA member connects you with other parents who have already been in your shoes. Our closed Facebook group, New Parent Morning Teas and Mum's Nights Out make it easy to meet our other members and ask them questions about their feeding experiences.

We have a Breastfeeding Support Contact who can answer your breastfeeding questions over email, and you can hire breast pumps and twin feeding pillows from the club.

If you have triplets or more, our Higher Order Multiples Support Contact can connect you with parents who really understand the additional challenges of feeding your multiples.

If you are still expecting but doing your initial research, attending one of our Expectant Parent Evenings is an ideal place to ask questions - these are open to anyone, even if you aren't a member.

Please note that NWSMBA and our members are unable to provide medical advice. If you have a question about breastfeeding that is of a medical nature, contact a medical practitioner for advice.

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Useful Resources:

Westmead Hospital runs regular information sessions and workshops on breastfeeding.

The Australian Breastfeeding Association has a wealth of information on their website and a helpline, including links to local support. Members of ABA can access additional support via email and their website.

AMBA has a section on feeding multiples on their website and several publications covering the early years of parenting. 

Huggies has an article on breastfeeding twins.

Lactation Consultants of Australia and NZ have a lactation consultant finder on their website.

Raising Children has a section on their website dedicated to breastfeeding and bottle feeding.